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We can help you select the right mobile technologies and then ensure their successful integration into your existing systems.


Take advantage of our 20-plus years of experience in helping companies like yours understand how to best integrate barcode scanners, printers, and rugged mobile computers successfully in your operation. With our partnerships with leading manufacturers of barcoding systems and our knowledge of ERP integration, DCT Solutions Group offers end-to-end solutions for warehouse operations of all sizes. Additionally, our Scout Mobility Suite software is the result of many years of experience designing inventory management systems in a wide variety of systems, and scales from simple inventory tracking to complete Warehouse Management.


Final mile delivery is no longer a novelty. Led by Amazon, everyone from e-commerce to manufacturers and distributors, major retailers, grocery stores, and local restaurants are impacted by this trend. In order to compete, you need to be able to efficiently and cost-effectively optimize your resources, to schedule and dispatch, and to provide visibility to your customers and trading partners. DCT Solutions Group offers a complete solution, from order initiation and management, to route optimization and scheduling, with realtime data sharing throughout the supply chain. Our mobile solution allows you to track your delivery drivers as they capture photographs, signatures, and payment with an easy-to-use interface.


Whether your model is direct-store delivery, remote order entry, pre-sales, or route accounting, DCT Solutions Group can provide an end-to-end solution to better manage your inventory. This includes scheduling, route optimization, fleet management, and mobile invoicing. We also provide mobile computers ranging from inexpensive tablets and cellphones to enterprise-class rugged devices to perform in any environment. Our end-to-end approach to system integration will greatly reduce your risks and ensure your solution is on time and on budget.


DCT’s Service Management solutions ensure that you get the right tech and the right tools to the right spot, all on schedule. We help you quickly and easily dispatch, track, and measure your service calls to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and profitability. Count on DCT to deliver a complete solution including hardware, software, implementation and on-going support.

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  • “DCT has continued to be a true ‘go-to resource’ for all of our barcoding needs, including software and systems integration. As an automotive supplier, we have to be extremely responsive to our customers’ business changes. That is exactly the same thing DCT has provided us — quick response and valuable insights into meeting our requirements.”

    Bruce Baker, IT Manager
  • “DCT instantly saw what was needed, implemented the plan, and got it done.”

    Dan Keeney, Warehouse Manager
  • “In my view, other vendors are more interested in selling than finding the right solution for your needs. But DCT came in, listened, asked questions, and worked with us to define and develop a solution. If DCT says they can do it, I have 100% confidence they’ll get the job done.”

    Charles Casteel, Chief Operations Officer
  • “DCT was the only company I could check every box on. They weren’t the cheapest, but they provided everything we needed and sometimes you have to pay for value. We knew there was a value with all the benefits, and there were event benefits we didn’t expect, like optimized routing, farm pinpoints, and instance communication. We got much more than I ever expected from DCT out of this technology.”

    Jeff Hinds, VP of Quality and Compliance
  • “We don’t regard DCT Solutions as a mere vendor. Because of the excellent working relationship that they have built with Butterball on several major projects over a period of years, we strongly consider DCT Solutions to be a true business partner.”

    Ron Wells, Chief Information Officer
  • “DCT’s system is easy to use and easy to train on. Once your warehouse workers have the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) down, the potential is for 100% accuracy in processing–which we’ve hit in many months.”

    Dan Keeney, Warehouse Manager
  • “In my view, other vendors are more interested in selling than finding the right solution for your needs. But DCT came in, listened, asked questions, and worked with us to define and develop a solution. If DCT says they can do it, I have 100% confidence they’ll get the job done.”

    Charles Casteel, Chief Operations Officer
  • “It took some effort, but we could not be more happy with the end result. Quite simply with the Scout system, our reps are able to see more customers, service more kits and provide a higher level of customer service than ever before.”

    Jamie Kovacs-Burks, Founder


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Since 1998, DCT Solutions Group has served a wide variety of customers across many industries. As a DCT Solutions Group client your organization benefits from years of experience with innovative organizations.

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DCT Mobile Solutions is a full service provider of integrated systems for mobility applications. Our experienced consultants will work side by side with your team to design integration, implementation, training and support plans customized to your needs.


Our knowledge of a wide variety of mobile technologies and the companies that provide them allow us to insure that you will select the right products and guarantee  you the lowest price.


Without proper training and on-going support, even the best conceived projects can fail. DCT Mobile can develop custom documentation and on-line training materials that will inspire user confidence and fast adoption.


DCT Mobile can create and load a golden image, apply white/black list rules, configure devices for wireless connectivity, provide documentation and custom packaging and shipping to individual locations.


At DCT Mobile we realize that your mobile systems are mission critical. We offer our customers a wide range of repair and maintenance series to keep your business running at peak efficiency.


With our dedicated team and proven methodology we can manage the physical installation of equipment, asset tagging and documentation, DOA equipment and RMAs to insure the fastest return on investment on your equipment.


An effective life cycle management program can help your organization extend the useful life of legacy equipment by repurposing in other areas such as, reducing TCO, reducing security risks and reducing environmental impact.