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From Kansas City, MO, the “heart of America” DCT Mobile Solutions brings years of experience and a commitment to excellence to clients throughout the midwest, North America and around the world.


Helping businesses of every size and industry keep pace with an increasingly mobile world.

It’s what we have been doing since the start. And when I say start, I mean the very beginning.

My father was a data processing consultant and an entrepreneur, so I guess technology and business are in my DNA. Over the years, I’ve watched the world embrace an ever-evolving stream of technology. When I founded DataCapture Technologies, Inc. in 1998, barcoding was opening up a world of possibilities for owners and operators across a range of industries. Over the last 15 years, we have continuously worked to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies that help drive efficiency, accuracy and profitability for our customers. Today, our portfolio of capabilities include software, hardware and professional services to assist your business in managing inventory, mobile sales force and field service operations, vehicles and valuable assets.

The one thing that does not change is our commitment to our core values and our desire to form truly meaningful partnerships with our customers, suppliers and community. DCT Mobile is determined to provide a forward-thinking, nimble group of dedicated service professionals ready to say yes when our clients ask, “Can you help me?”

We look forward to serving you.

Shane Langston


Wish there was a better way? DCT Mobile knows there is. Where other solution providers offer prepackaged service offerings, we approach mobile computing on a client-by-client basis. We work with clients in the SMB, Mid-Market and Enterprise space and can scale our offerings to meet the individual needs of our clients. No matter what your size, we take the time to learn about your business so we can develop solutions that address your specific needs.

Whether it’s leveraging mobile technology to extend back office systems and workflow or simplifying asset and inventory management, DCT Mobile can develop, implement and manage a solution that keeps your business ahead of the curve. And because we own most our technology, we’ve been able to refine and perfect mobile solutions of every scope and variety. As our business continues to evolve, this portfolio of sound, field-tested solutions remains our foundation.


At DCT Mobile, there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping businesses like yours unleash their full potential. For all the innovations we provide, DCT Mobile still believes service is how we set ourselves apart.

DCT Mobile is a full-service technology company providing turn-key solutions for mobilizing your work force. Over the years we have developed a depth and breadth of knowledge that allows us to simplify our clients’ technology decisions. Since our inception, we have been committed to developing and integrating software and hardware products that provide years of value for our clients. Our dedication to investing in on-going training and remaining at the forefront of emerging technologies assures that we will help you make the right technology decisions for today and into the future. At DCT Mobile, we recognize that our success comes from listening to our customers and putting their needs ahead of our own.

We would not have it any other way.

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  • Our highest priority is customer satisfaction

  • We practice “Agile” processes to accommodate fast changing environments
  • All stakeholder’s must work together to insure our mutual success
  • We believe in empowered individuals, a collaborative environment, trust and individual responsibility
  • Simplicity is preferable to complexity
  • Success must be measurable to be attainable


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DCT Brings Technology Edge to Vital Farms - Organic Agriculture Business Benefiting from Scout Mobility SuiteDCT Mobile Solutions’ signature product, Scout Mobility Suite, allows Vital Farms to better manage the independent farms under its banner — they span from Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois in the Midwest to Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia in the South — and schedule on-site visits, and keep up-to-date, easily accessible records about each. The software also gives Vital Farms the ability to create checklists ensuring farms are compliant with FDA regulations to stay organic certified.



Case Study - Barcoding is Our BusinessAll-access pass: Barcoding, a DCT Mobile lynchpin It may not be the sexiest aspect of business, but barcoding is fundamental, foundational even, in tracking commodities, personnel and inventory. It is, quite simply, a requirement for wholesale distribution, manufacturing and logistics businesses. “I love this technology because it really works,” DCT Vice President Valere Palhories said. “We put a system in and they last 10 years. Once it works, leave it in. …The practical benefit is accuracy and efficiency. You cannot compete in the manufacturing, distribution, transpiration or logistics phases without it.” […]


Case Study - NalcoChampionThe project, which concluded on time in November 2014, entailed installing roughly 466 trucks with equipment, hardware and accessories to improve oil field services and chemical delivery throughout operations in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, more than 500 additional trucks were inspected to ensure all existing systems were in proper working order[…]


DCT-American Chemical_Page_1Shane Langston, DCT Mobile Solutions president/ founder, said history has shown his company does its best work with like-minded partners that emphasize outside-the-box thinking. American Chemical Systems, a family-owned company based in Wichita, Kan., serving seven Midwest states from eight service centers in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, is such a client. “They’re a great customer,” Langston said. “Very successful, and they grow steadily through innovation. Quite simply, they’re a very forwardthinking company, and those are the kind we’re most successful with.” […]


DCT-Phenix Label_Page_1Previously, workers would manually look up individual item numbers from printed orders, find the location, and pick products off warehouse shelves. This process was not only time-consuming, but also prone to human error since many product rolls appear very similar. After receiving a significant customer order, Phenix was searching for ways to improve its overall speed and efficiency in order processing. So they called on DCT to develop a solution with real staying power, plus tangible benefits like improved productivity and accuracy. […]


DCT-Butterball_Page_1“At Butterball, LLC we don’t regard DCT Solutions Group as a mere vendor,” says Ron Wells, Chief Information Officer for Butterball. “Because of the excellent working relationship that they have built with Butterball on several major projects over a period of years, we strongly consider DCT Solutions Group to be a true business partner.” That’s high praise. Partnerships don’t come easily and DCT earned the respect that Butterball now holds for it through old-fashioned effort and learning as much as possible about Butterball inside and out. […]


DCT-Oil Industry_Page_1A Case Study on Boutique Software Firm’s Service to Billion Dollar Energy Company: The company, regularly named to Forbes’ list of “World’s Most Innovative Companies,” sought a like-minded partner to help it leverage emerging technologies and rethink business processes to improve overall services to customers. Enter DCT Mobile Solutions, a boutique software and systems integration company established in 1998 in Kansas City, Mo., that specializes in innovative ways to merge mobility and efficiency. […]


DCT-SmallBusiness_Page_1DCT has a proven record assisting businesses through its signature software and specialized business applications – warehouse management systems, proof of delivery and fleet management, mobile order entry, field service and mobile computer equipment and service. Two years ago, DCT began working with Rogers Sporting Goods, a family-owned retailer based in Liberty, Mo. Rogers has provided outdoor enthusiasts with high-quality ammunition, apparel and fishing and hunting equipment for more than 30 years. […]


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At DCT Mobile, we are constantly searching for the most innovative partners who provide the most reliable products. We are committed to making the investments to develop, deploy and support proven solutions for the real world and strive to create an ecosystem of collaboration that insures success for all.