MC45 – Enterprise Value Without Compromise

Regardless of whether your customers are a small or medium-sized business, or in an emerging market, their field workforce is repairing equipment, writing sales or picking up and delivering shipments – and they all have one thing in common. They provide daily touch points with their clients. How fast and how well they perform their jobs directly impacts their revenue, customer satisfaction, customer retention — and the cost of their labor pool.

The MC45 is the affordable way to help your customers give their workers the real-time information they need to get the job done right, right on the spot, preventing lost sales — and lost clients. Workers get the sleek consumer styling and one-handed operation they expect, along with the features, durability, security and manageability that business demands.

An industry-leading 1D scan engine and unequalled connectivity options ensure efficiency and accuracy wherever it’s required. A larger display, larger battery capacity, and support for a wide variety of applications add up to a full-featured, cost-effective solution built around core Zebra mobile computer family attributes.

Handheld Versatility and Durability

The Symbol TC70 touch computer from Zebra sits at the front line where Android meets the enterprise—and where the difference between a satisfied customer and a lost opportunity is often determined. The TC70 handheld mobile computer arms staff with a powerful combination of business tools: the ease of use of a consumer device, along with the purpose-built durability, reliability, versatility, and performance that enterprises demand, bringing a new dimension of intelligence to any business.

With powerful technology and robust construction, the TC70 is engineered to embrace future challenges and keep customers at the cutting edge for years to come. The TC70 will operate reliably after multiple drops to concrete, while IP67 sealing ensures a device that is dust-tight and can survive complete immersion in water, making it ideal for use in the retail backroom, warehouse floor, outdoor shopping areas, or outside on a receiving dock. The Corning Gorilla Glass 2 touch panel and scanner exit window bring a new level of durability to two of the most vulnerable components.

The TC70 features Android’s KitKat operating system and Extensions (Mx), a series of features that provide security, device management and more to transform Android into a true enterprise-class OS. Designed for today’s most advanced data entry and capture solutions, the TC70 blends a 4.7-inch HD display, an all-touch, worker-friendly interface as well as an embedded 1D/2D scanner and 8 MP camera. Crystal clear audio with up to 4x the loudness of smartphones and noise cancellation ensure users experience powerful audio communication. Plus, an ever expanding library of enterprise applications and a comprehensive family of accessories, including the unique ShareCradle universal multi-bay cradle, allow users to easily tailor the TC70 to meet the needs of many different types of tasks.