A vehicle fleet represents the single biggest asset base in many companies. That makes maintaining them all the more critical to success. DCT Mobile offers fleet management solutions that ensure accountability and compliance while reducing costs and risks.

Optimize your fleet. Automate your dispatch operations. Track your vehicles. Even provide safe, cost effective GPS and messaging. DCT Mobile has the tools to help your company do it all. What’s more, we can help you eliminate costly paperwork by automating your proof delivery transactions.

Our transportation + logistics capabilities include:
  • Scout Mobility Suite – The most comprehensive suite of applications for enterprise
  • Rugged, durable, mobile equipment for the most demanding environments
  • Simple, cost effective mobile phones, phablets and tablets and accessories for business use
  • Wireless service plans and management including: wireless needs, assessment, carrier selection and plan negotiation, custom data pooling, usage management and billing plans
  • Mobile device management software to manage all of your mobile devices
  • Vehicle tracking, hours of service, IFTA and driver scorecards
  • Wireless networking equipment, sight survey and implementation
  • Asset tags utilizing technology ranging from simple bar codes to advanced RFID, GPS and cellular

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