Unitech TB128

TB128 Spec Sheet

Scan, swipe, or type your data into this powerful machine. The TB128 features an integrated 37-key keyboard and your choice of 1D or 2D barcode scanner or MSR reader. Whether it’s scanning digital barcodes off screens on the sales floor or processing inventory checks in the warehouse, this powerful machine’s flexibility is unmatched.

Powerful Android OS

Experience Android at its most functional. Boasting the Android 6.0 platform, the TB128 runs multiple applications quickly and efficiently. The familiar interface ensures that your team will be able to unlock its full potential with only minimal training.

Extreme Durability

Falls, spills, vibrations, extreme temperatures – the TB128 is a true indoor/outdoor workhorse. The scratch and shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass® III screen can handle falls of up to 4 feet face first which dramatically reduces the cost of repairs and replacements.

Large Vibrant Screen

The beautiful and responsive 7” touch screen connects you to key stock and price information without sacrificing space for a soft keyboard. Functional and stylish, the Gorilla Glass III screen is sturdy and scratch-resistant but also thin and responsive.

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